Diaspora Freedom Program


Our best and most unique service package. This package allows our business clients to initiate a Global expansion without the need to scale their business!
This service allows our clients to compete with national competitors as easily as local ones. This is a Service Level Agreement Package.
Some of the benefits include
–    tax benefits
–    expanded access to funding sources
–    dramatically reduced labor costs and more…

This package includes;
•    A registered international corporation/subsidiary
•    International Property Ownership (1/5th acre)
•    VISA assistance & Import/Export licensing
•    Business Plan with Financial Plan
•    Labor or Supplier Acquisition Plan

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What you get;

  • 1/5 acre of Land for building Company Facilities or Residential (Kenya)
  • Corporate Formation of a Subsidiary in Kenya, Africa
  • Import & Export licenses* (Kenya)
  • Business license* (Kenya)
  • Work Permit* (Kenya)
  • 10-year Business Visa* (Kenya)
  • In-Person Kenyan Tour to see potential property options (Can be done via video conference if you are unable to fly to Kenya)
  • Business Plan for Kenyan Subsidiary with Financial Forecasting for use with African Funding Sources.
  • Optional Upgrade: Have Diaspora Freedom Initiative handle building construction or land with building in place for your company in Kenya.
  • Optional Upgrade: Have Diaspora Freedom Initiative handle building a Luxury Villa for your company in Kenya.
  • Optional Upgrade: Own a  beach area Luxury Villa that can be managed for you by a tourist resort when you’re not using it! Land ownership, passive income & generational wealth in one little package owned by your company in Kenya.

* The approval of Licensing, Permits, Visas, & Filings are at the discretion of the Kenyan Government. While we’ve never encountered a denial for any filing submitted on behalf of a client please be aware that rejection is possible.

Investment Type

Greenfield, Villa, Lux Villa, Hospitality, Lux Hospitality, Factory/Warehouse