Professional Grant Writing


We handle searching the Grant Databases, strategically aligning your company to the Grant maker’s needs, and writing & submitting the proposal.

Great Communication

Any information that we need from you is gathered in meetings after we send you out easy-to-use worksheets that walk you through developing the information that we need. When you want to know what we’re up to you can access the online project tracker and see what our team is doing for you. You can also contact our team directly inside of the tracking software.

The Three Types of Grant Writing

Letters of Inquiry

The letter of inquiry also known as the LOI is a way to introduce your company to private funders & get them to ask you for a proposal. These are letters used to create interest in your project or organization. An LOI is sent to a potential funder & allows both parties to collectively decide if your idea is a good fit and of interest to the funder. The LOI is a small document typically not more than 3 pages not less than 2. The LOI can be converted into an email format however, we believe that to be less effective in our experience.

Letter Proposal

The Letter Proposal is a compact version of a full proposal. Many corporations & modern funders are now requesting the Letter Proposal vs the Full Proposal because they simply want to save time in processing Grant applications. This is often requested as a response to an LOI. It’s a concise proposal normally no more than 4 pages not less than 3.

Full Grant Proposal

This is the traditional long format grant. This is the document that most people are thinking about when they need Grant writing services. This is also the type of proposal that will ultimately be required by professional grantmakers like the Federal Government or a Private Foundation. While there is no limit to the size of a full proposal, in general, a full proposal is no more than 25 pages not less than 5 pages.

Additonal Documentation

Depending on the project additional documentation may be required to qualify a grant application. We can support you in obtaining additional documentation like letters of support, letters of commitment, SAM certification, etc.

Pro Grant Funding Round

According to the “2020 state of Grant-seeking report”:

organizations who applied for one Grant had a 66% likelihood to get an award. However, organizations that applied for 3-5 grants had a 94% likelihood of receiving an award & organizations that applied for 6-10 grants had a 97% likelihood of receiving an award.”

We’ve created a program that allows you to take advantage of the data & leverage it towards your success! This program includes;

  • 4 Federal Grant Applications per year
  • Grant Database Searching
  • Alignment Strategy
  • Project Canvas
  • Financial Projections
  • Budgetary Drafting
  • Letter of commitment & letter of support drafts
  • *Federal Grant Registration Services (Optional Upgrade)
  • *Private Foundation Grants (Optional Upgrade to 8 Applications per year with access to Private foundation Applications)

* indicates Pro Performance Upgrade

Stay up to date on Grant Opportunities!