Diaspora Impact Project

How this works

We Help You Submit Unsolicited Grant Proposals

The federal agencies that make grant funds available create a solicitation for grant proposals for every funding project that they have. This then initiates a competitive system that awards funds to the proposal that fits the criteria the best.

But, did you know that there are specific rules, regulations, & laws that govern unsolicited grant proposals!? That’s what the Diaspora Impact Project is all about!

The Diaspora Impact Project (DIP) is a grant writing project that helps create groups of professionals, community leaders, and accomplished individuals who sign up for the program to develop and submit an innovative grant proposal to be executed in Africa! We’ve designed a program that will take motivated people and team them up, we teach everyone how to register for federal grant money, how to develop a grant-worthy idea, and who to write the proposal and submit it. Grantmakers love to see organizations working together because it shows the capacity and is considered better than risking just one org that might just be trying to turn a quick buck. 

Diaspora Freedom Initiative, LLC

Why Choose Us?

To the best of our knowledge outside of collegiate settings, there is NO PROGRAM like ours! This is the only program where for a fraction of the cost of a Grant Writing contract you receive;

  • A cooperative of companies working together on a grant.
  • Registered in the Federal System for Grant Award Management
  • Hands on experience in the Grant Creation & Submission Process

Team Creation

We attract a wide array of clients. We try to create groups of people that all have varied skill sets that can complement each other. We use this to Build Capacity for the Grant which is a key metric used by grantmakers to decide whether or not to award funds to an applicant!

Grant Award Management Registration

We will make sure that all members of the team are registered to accept grant award money from the Federal Government. This has the added bonus of creating a Business Credit profile for each company!

Grant Proposal Submission

We’ll meet bi-weekly for three months and get a full grant proposal completed and ready for submission! Your team has not only just submitted a strong cooperative grant proposal, but you now know how the process of creating a grant proposal works!