Business Planning

Strategic Business Plan

This Strategic Business plan will provide you with the full blueprint of your business. If you upgrade to a financial forecast plan you will also be provided with the information you need to request funding from banks, lenders and, investors! 

Customized for each client & will include features specific to that client’s needs. This service requires an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to grant you peace of mind as you will need to share with us information about the inner workings of your company.

You’ll receive:

  • Business Canvas
  • Internal Business Plan (Easy to read, great for team members)
  • Investor Business Plan (Offical Language & Bank Style Financial Projections)

Pitch Decks

Especially useful for startups looking for investors and partners. Your business pitch will highlight everything that you need people to know about your business and, why it’s such a valuable investment! 

Your Pitch Deck will be customized to your business, company, or idea and delivered via email. A free phone consultation is required to gather the pertinent information to complete your pitch.

You receive;

  • Strategic Consultation to align your business goals on paper
  • 1 Powerpoint slide deck version of your pitch
  • 1 PDF copy of your Pitch
  • 1 Word file copy of your Pitch

Corporate Document Drafting

We can draft any custom document that your company needs. Essential Corporate Documents like Operating Agreements, Bylaws, Minutes, etc. Come bundled with their respective formation services. If we’re forming a registered entity for you ask us before ordering a custom document. 

We offer any custom document including but not limited to;

    • MOU – Memorandum of Understanding
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Contractor Agreement
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Operating Agreement 
    • By-laws

Strategic Project Management

Helping you make it happen!
As a Strategic Project Manager, our duties will include implementing a Strategic plan for a project, advising your team to achieve the plan, and working to improve the company's business model. We'll have an eye out for new technology that could be useful to your company. Strategic Project Management position is useful to improving the efficiency of any company, building a roadmap, and staying on track to reach your business goals.

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