African Strategic Expansion

Strategic African Expansion

We Make Expanding Into Africa Simple

As a Black-Owned Company, we recognize the desire to operate in the motherland. Beyond that as strategists, we recognize that any savvy business person has taken note that the Brand New African Continental Freetrade Zone which opened January 1st, 2021 has created a 1 trillion dollar market that previously did not exist.

We specialize in reuniting the Diaspora with the Motherland in a strategic way that benefits both parties. Our professionals will form your associated entity, subsidiary, or standalone company in Africa in the country of Kenya for strategic reasons (remember the free-trade zone will allow for you to do business virtually anywhere on the continent).

We can also arrange for the company to own land to build offices, warehouses, manufacturing, or domiciles. All this without you ever needing to set foot in Africa! Of course, you’ll want to visit and oversee training and these kinds of things however getting you formed as a legal entity and even acquiring land for you can be done before or after you are in-country. Find out more about it by requesting a consultation. There’s also a FREE download on this page.

Build Your own Table

We understand the bias & restrictions that are implemented and maintained by Institutional Racism. While it is possible to fight the uphill battle inside of western culture we also understand that not everyone is satisfied with that arrangement. For those people, we offer the solution of creating or expanding your business to Africa.

Remove Financial Barriers

Sometimes funding really is the issue & if you could just get your hands on a cash infusion you’d be fine. One of the greatest business benefits of African Expansion is the immediate increase in buying power. For example, we can build our clients a million-dollar manufacturing center for less than 1/3 of that cost! Find out more about what this opportunity could mean to you and how it works by reaching out to us for a consultation.

Own Your Supply Chain

Too often as Diaspora-owned businesses, we can’t make a cent without buying supplies from companies that may not have our collective best interests at heart & might use their profits to the detriment of our communities. When you expand into Africa, especially when you do it with the intent of creating manufacturing you create a global supply chain that’s for us by us, and every business dollar you spend supports our communities globally!