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Solutions for the Culture

Specializing in the Diaspora

We provide a complete suite of services that assist the diaspora with creating strategic businesses and partnerships globally. We started the Diaspora Freedom Initiative, LLC, to impact our communities on a global scale – which is why we dedicate ourselves to the uplifting of the pan-African community worldwide. We do this by creating connections between those who have resources, businesses, and opportunities – and those who need access to these.

Our Expertise

Our Services

  • 01
    Project Management

    We offer hands-on management of any type of solution. Project management can be either a standalone solution or added to another service as a support solution.

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  • 02
    Strategic Planning

    Knowing what your goals are and the path you’d like to travel to achieve your goals are important, especial when you need to pivot. Become faster, more flexible, and intensely customer-focused with Strategic Business Planning!

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  • 03
    Grant Writing

    Private & Federal Professional Grant Writing may be the appropriate funding vehicle for you!

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  • 04
    Signature Freedom Package

    In this three-month mentorship program, we’ll help you develop your business foundation and set up your company for long-term success. We’ll put a strategy in place to ensure your financial plans are in line with your goals.

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  • 05
    US Business Formation

    Business Entity Registration in all 50 States for both US Citizen Founders & International Founders. We also offer local business law research & compliance solutions so that you have any local licenses or permits that may be required in addition to registration.

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  • 06
    African Incorporation

    Expand your market into Africa! Our African Incorporation Solutions make it easy for you to create a new company in Africa or expand an existing company into Africa!

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We are Professional

Let Us Analyse Your Business

You know what you want your business to be. You have a vision of what success looks like in your head. Unfortunately, that vision may just be your greatest strategic weakness. Businesses much like kids tend to grow up to be what they’re going to be not what their parents, in this case, founders want them to be. What you taught was going to be a world-class fashion business could turn out to be a world-class textiles operation,

Strategic Planning is the key to adaptation. When we employ strategy it gives us a compass that we can judge our business against. Your strategic plan should be a living document that adjusts with your market & your business. When the market begins to tell you what your business is your strategic plan will give you the confidence to get out of your own way and let your business become successful.



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Why Choose Us?

“Success Isn’t About How Much Money You Make, It’s About The Difference You Make In People’s Lives ” – Michelle Obama

  • Business Strategy is at the heart of our serviceWe don't just fulfill orders. We want to talk with you and find out what your goals are and provide solutions that will support your vision.
  • Get ongoing supportOur grant writing division will keep your company in mind while running grant searches & inform you if anything aligns.
  • Enterprise Solutions at Small Business PricessOur partnerships with global professionals allow us to offer services at prices that don't exclude small business!